SA United Philosophy

About SA United – Our Philosophy

SA United works to bring players together to form strong and spirited teams that will become part of a reputable club! The trainers are committed to making our young soccer players stronger and faster, and will strive to enhance their skills, technique and tactical awareness on the playing field. We impress upon our players the value of strong work ethic, team work, respect towards others, honesty, integrity and perseverance during good times and bad. SA United’s most important philosophy is the need to be part of a club which encourages team and club unity within a challenging and rewarding atmosphere.

While player development and competition at the highest level are the club’s primary objectives, the club also focuses on the many other objectives in soccer and the overall development of young people. We want for players that leave our club and go off to university to look back on their years with SA United and remember not just the soccer skills we taught them but also, how we as a club made them better people.
Our professional training staff and our volunteer team, comprised of parents and managers, strive to instill values that not only will last throughout the player's soccer career, but throughout their lifetime. Winning in life is the result of an exceptional program. We believe that our players will gain that competitive advantage by offering them a quality program of unmatched value.  Train United, Play United, Win United!
Competitive soccer with SA United requires a certain level of commitment, we expect all players to be fully committed to SA United. This involves attending all training sessions and games with the correct training or game apparel to being hard working, goal-oriented, motivated, determined, responsible, and respectful towards their team. Competitive soccer requires all of the above to be successful. Players will be evaluated an annual bases and must meet the above criteria before being considered for future seasons. Competitive teams also enter into several tournaments each year; players will be expected to attend as many of these tournaments as they can.  






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