SA United Soccer Club are proud to announce that  Smithson Valley Senior Goalkeeper Caleb Jenkins will be joining the International Academic & Soccer Academy (IASA) Program next fall.
Caleb Jenkins will be studying at the IASA program this coming fall.
Caleb was a part of the SAU 96 Boys IASA team who travelled to England this summer and impressed the coaches so much that they have offered him a position on the program. Caleb's younger brothers Isaac (SAU 97 Boys IASA), Noah (SAU 99 Boys White) and Micah (SAU U10 Baggies) are all with SA United and we hope they can follow in his footsteps.
Congratulations and good luck Caleb! 
Caleb (Orange uniform) is pictured with the SA United 96 IASA before their 4-1 win over Manchester City Yorkshire Academy team.

IASA News, Manchester United 1st Team player Tom Cleverly visits the IASA Academy team to talk about what it takes to play at the highest level;

Cleverley was asked, “What does it feel like to have made it”? Cleverley answered, “I never think I have made it – I still play every training session and every game as though I have not made it – I’m my biggest critic and always critique my own performance. I need to always look to improve.”

What also was surprising to the RIASA students was that Cleverley indicated, that while technical ability is important, what stops most players becoming a professional is their lifestyle and dedication. Cleverley told the RIASA students. “It is ‘self discipline’ in all aspects of a footballers life that is key”; he cited Ryan Giggs the Manchester legend as a ‘mentor and role model’ for the younger players at Manchester United in this respect.

Cleverley said, “Ryan is the ultimate professional – he undertakes yoga classes and keeps himself in top shape through the lifestyle he adopts.” Cleverley added, “it’s simple things like getting adequate sleep that is as important as a healthy diet and training routines”. Cleverley was impressed with the RIASA set up and indicated it mirrored the Manchester United academy and program in how it operates training, games and recovery periods between games.

Cleverley indicated that besides a good life style, mental strength is key to success; some professional coaches told him he was ‘too small’ – this made him more determined to make the professional grade. “One of the things that really helped me” Cleverley said, “ was playing in the lower league and learning to cope with the physical side of the game.” He indicted without that development time I would not have been able to reach where I am today.” This connects to what the RIASA program offers, in that students are exposed to lower league play but also the professional academy games, which offer different types of challenges as part of their overall development.

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