SA United Partners with Airrosti… Don't Let Injuries or Pain Slow You Down

We are pleased to announce our exciting new partnership with Airrosti, the leading injury rehabilitation company located right here in San Antonio. We have been building this partnership with Airrosti for the past several months, with several of our trainers experiencing the treatment first hand. We continue to seek out professional partners to help maintain our reputation as one of the premier soccer clubs in South Texas. Our goal is to have our injured players back to full fitness quicker and to avoid lengthy absences due to injuries. A fit team is a stronger team!
Airrosti has an unprecedented reputation in the athletic and sports community for their extraordinary ability to rehabilitate shoulder, back, knee and other soft tissue injuries in a very short amount of time—helping patients avoid major surgeries, injections/medications and lengthy recovery timelines.
Each Airrosti treatment consists of one full hour of quality 1-on-1 patient care, including: expert diagnosis, non-invasive manual therapy, and an individualized active rehab program to help speed recovery. Most patients experience dramatic results after only the first visit, with 95% pain free range of motion within 3 visits (based on past patient outcomes).
To schedule an appointment please use the specifically designed SA United Scheduling page http://www.airrosti.com/SAU/index.html
Please pass this information on to any friends and family members that might be interested in experiencing Airrosti, our scheduling page is NOT just for SA United members, we will get credit towards our financial assistance program for every appointment scheduled through our page, regardless of who it is.
Thank you
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Director of Coaching
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