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Thursday 3/23/2017

Recently, our Director of Coaching, Martin Smith, listened to a Just Kickin It podcast featuring Adrian Bradbury the founder of Football for Good in Uganda.

                Football for Good is leading the way in Africa’s ignored and emerging region of youth soccer. Founded in 2013, FFG is set up to identify and develop youth football talent, deliver world-class training, education and character building, while providing global opportunities to the youth communities that it serves.  

The story was inspiring and certainly makes you think. East Africa has been all but shut out of global football, despite a passionate culture of the game, peaceful and emerging economies and a growing population of determined youth.

Many East African youth players are forced to leave home to try and make it in Europe and the Middle East due to the lack of quality local training, competition and club sophistication. Youth football infrastructure has stalled due to political unrest, civil conflict and still developing local economies.

Research of the country will bring up civil war and poverty (Uganda is one of the poorest nations in the world). Listening to the podcast, Adrian discusses young children having to leave their homes every night to hide in churches ten miles away, just to escape the clutches of the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army). The LRA were accused of abducting children to serve as soldiers.

                Although Uganda is now more peaceful, there is still work to be done. FFG using their ten years of experience in the area and a growing regional network, are delivering systematic and professional youth identification, recruitment and support. Setting up an Academy that offers not only quality training and competition, but education in the classroom. Together, this creates an environment for long-term, sustainable success and a better way of life.

On hearing the podcast, Martin reached out to Adrian to see how SA United Soccer Club could help. Adrian responded and has asked for assistance collecting gently used cleats/boots and goalkeeper gloves.

From: Adrian Bradbury
Sent: Saturday March 18th

Thanks for the email Martin.

Great to hear that you enjoyed the podcast. I hope it sparks some conversation. Thanks as well for the offer to run a boot drive for us. Our biggest needs are boots that are SIZE 7 & ABOVE -- and GOALKEEPER GLOVES! The dry, dusty fields of northern Uganda tear our boots apart and wear our studs down to nothing in less than two months. And unfortunately, the same goes for our GK gloves.

Happy to send you more content and/or photos of our kids/boots to help with the drive.

All the best, and thanks again for reaching out.


Therefore, if the FFG story inspires you and you would like to help give back, we will have a box set up at the GVTC fields for donations or you can drop off any equipment to Martin at the SA United offices, 10942 Wye Drive, San Antonio, 78217.

Part of who we are as a club is to always try and help great causes and individuals that are not as fortunate as us. Any help that you can provide donating equipment for the children of Uganda and FFG will be greatly appreciated.

As always, thank you for your support.   

You can learn more about FFG by visiting their website. Click here. 


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