SAU Players Selected for SAFC USLX Team



SA United players selected for SAFC USLX Event

Wednesday 3/29/2017

Eight SA United female players have been selected to participate in the USLX event hosted by SAFC on Friday March 31st.

USL EXPERIENCE – Super Y League website:

Here at the USL (United Soccer League, professional league that SAFC first team compete in), we believe the time for youth players to dream about playing professional soccer for an American based club is now. We aspire to drive interest in the North American professional game by creating a more direct connection for the American youth player and the domestic, professional game of soccer.

Unlike any other elite youth player program in our country, the USL Experience is the first of its kind and will ignite a new level of passion for professional soccer across North America. On the heels of the inaugural USL Experience in Cincinnati, the Super Y League has announced that San Antonio FC will host the anticipated second edition from March 30-April 2.

A comprehensive experience for the top one percent of the league, Super Y League players compete against some of the highest level youth competition in the country during the USL Experience. This multi-day residential experience follows a professional training format and delivers an exclusive and unprecedented look into professional American soccer.


The players from around the nation selected for the USL Experience will arrive in San Antonio on Thursday 3/30. As well as spending time with SAFC and training with the professional’s, SAFC has arranged for a series of games vs SAFC select sides.

            As SAFC does not have a female program, they reached out to the local DOC’s for assistance in putting together two SAFC ladies teams to compete. SA United, along with Lonestar SA, Classics Elite and AHFSH worked together to form two teams, an 04/03 team and a 02/01 team. Tryouts took place over two days on March 24th and 26th, where some of the best female players in our community came together to showcase their talent. 22 players were selected for both teams, with eight players coming from SA United. Games will be coached by the Directors of Coaches of the four local clubs involved in the event.  

The selected players will have the opportunity to represent SAFC and their club on Friday night at the USLX games. Good luck to all the players!

The 04/03 team kicks off at 6pm and the 02/01 team kicks off at 7.30pm. Both games will take place at the STAR Soccer Complex. 

Congratulations to the following players who were selected for the SAFC USLX team:

04/03 Team

Jaycie Bass
Maddie Deitch
Mia Gonzalez
Emily Hight
Addison Rodriguez
Jessica Robinson

02/01 Team

Emma Trolio
Jennica Wiley



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